Can I update a HP DC7900 SFF CPU from E8500 to Q8400

I have a HP SFF DC7900 with a E8500 with a Saphire Radeon HD7750
CPU is a little bit weak for gaming, and I have a Q8400 Quad Core that I would like to use to replace de E8400

I guess that Hp does not expect to do such changes, is not as Gigabyte or ASUS motherboards with a list of supported CPU.

Do you think this would work?

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  1. e8500 to a q8400 is not a good move. Performance will be most likely worse.
  2. Q8400 2.66ghz 4mb cache 1333FSB
    E8500 3.16ghz 6mb cache 1333FSB

    Actually for most games the e8500 will be better because of clock speed and cache.
  3. Surprising! You have saved me time and troubles!!
    An E better for games than a Q, weird!
    Thanks a lot
  4. Up until recently games have been optimized for single and double threads because CPUs mostly either had one or two cores. Now more games are multithreaded but for your purposes the E will be best.
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