First Build, First Start - CPU Fan Error

I'm a novice and this is my first build. On start up I immediately get a CPU Fan error. In set-up the fan speed shows at 552-569 RPM, the CPU temp gauge shows in the middle of the orange/red square (one square before deep red). This is after only a couple of seconds running. I tried to see if I could grab a slider on the fan speed to increase it but couldn't (I'm not sure if there is even supposed to be one) so then I shut down because I am afraid of frying the new CPU, although I'm not sure how it would be so hot so fast. After disconnecting I touched the CPU cooler bracket and it wasn't hot so I'm not sure I believe the warnings but still - I have no idea what to do from here.
Thanks much for helping.

Intel i7 3770K
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler
16 GB Mushkin Silverline RAM
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    I recall seeing this kind of problem before (but have not experienced it myself). The cause seems to be that the default setting in BIOS for the low fan speed warning trigger is set too high - like maybe 700 rpm in your case and your fan does not need to run that fast at start-up. There is a place to manually change this trigger point for the fan low speed alarm in the BIOS area where you configure that fan's control system and see its speed and the CPU temp.

    Before doing this, check the specs for the proper operating temp of your CPU, versus what the BIOS reports is the real measured temp. Is your CPU actually running very warm even under no load at start-up? If it is, then do NOT change the fan alarm. Check out why the temp is high, and why the fan is slow. Maybe you need to re-configure the fan automatic speed control system.
  2. Thanks, I saw in a search the same thing about the rpm low limit setting. I was more concerned with the temp gauge but I looked at the user guide again and found out that I misinterpreted an icon - really, really dumb.
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