Upgraded cpu now Firefox keeps crashing

I upgraded the cpu in my XP SP3 workhorse pc, from a Core2 Duo to a Core2 Quad, running on an intel DQ965GF mobo, with stock hsf and 4gb 667 ram.

Since switching processors, Firefox has started to crash regularly with no details in the crash report. I have tried un/reinstalling, disabling all addons etc, but it still crashes. I've gone as far as running an XP repair, reinstalling all hardware etc. Firefox is the only application that is crashing and otherwise, everything is working as it should.

Any other ideas what might be causing the crashes.
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  1. It might be that the version of FF is too new for your system. Look for an older, XP friendly version.

    Mozilla is pretty bad about not supporting older hardware. Not really their fault. Day one exploits on Mozilla products are extensive and routine. To keep up with them they have to drop something and old hardware is popular with Mozilla and Adobe.
  2. For XP SP2 you should be using FF14 or later, with current version being FF17.

    Did you update the BIOS to ensure motherboard supports the C2Q, may need a small micro-code update for stability issues.
  3. I agree with das_stig; do a BIOS update to the motherboard. I upgraded a cpu once and it had stability issues. BIOS update fixed it.
  4. Its XP3 not Sp2. And I have the latest BIOS version available for the board. I don't see why the latest version of FF might be too "new" for the cpus as it worked fine with the older core2 duo cpu, but its possible.
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