SilverStone Fortress Series & a sabertooth z77 ?

planning on installing my sabertooth z77 in a SilverStone Fortress Series FT02B-USB3.0. However need to know if i can run the boards Assistant Fan to exhaust to the IO panel instead of intake? And will I need to do the same to the other assist fan but I don’t think so? Any help will be nice?
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  1. just buy a motherboard without that stupid gimmick plastic mess on it
  2. could of sed to take it off...but thx for the reply anyway
  3. i in the desert allot, (lots of dust) the dumb gimmick probably the only reason it's still working
  4. the plastic on the sabertooth is aesthetics, even if the motherboard is protected, it does nothing to protect the rest of the parts: Cpu cooler, (which heatsinks get clogged with dust), gpu PCB's, intake of the PSU etc. even if one part is protected, it doesnt stop it from possible ruining the other parts, parts that potentially be more costly then the mobo itself.
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