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How do I plug this cord on my graphics card to my PSU?

On my GeForce GTX 680, how do I plug the white, three pong end of this cord

into this on my power supply

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  1. That is a six pin adaptor, you only need to use that if you do not have enough Pcie plugs available, the two white blocks plug into two molex plugs from the Psu
    and going by your picture, you do not need to use it, throw it in a drawer for future use :)
  2. Ah, thank you!

    I was however that adds to my problem of HDMI on the card not being detected on my Samsung tv, I was hoping that plugging that in somewhere would fix the problem, haha. Anyways, thank you.
  3. Did you install the GPU drivers first? Have you gotten to the desktop or anything yet?
  4. I have no installed the drivers because I can't get the BIOs to show up on screen either. Am I able to do that without the seeing the screen?
  5. What are your other components? If you have onboard graphics plug into that first, your BIOS likely defaulted to that if it is present.
  6. I tried plugging the HDMI into the motherboard, didn't work. I simply get a message saying "no signal" on my tv.

    my specs:
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    Ughhh... Raidmax PSU..... Anyways, try using either VGA or DVI first, I don't think my HDMI out worked right away without the drivers, I had to install that hooked in through VGA or DVI, I don't specifically recall which (I probably tried both, fairly sure my onboard did not work through HDMI on my initial boot).
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