Upgrade from pentium dual core e2140 1.6ghz

my pc is a compaq tower and at the min its running e2140 1.6 pentium dual core ... the highest upgrade i can go is either pentium d 960 or core2duo e4300 witch one would offer highest performance my use on pc are

web browsing
ripping dvds and cds
mixing the odd song on virtual dj

i have 2gb ram windows 7 32bit

at the min the cpu i got is very good for my use ..... im just wondering if the pentium d 960 or e4300 at standard clocks would offer more performance ...

the cpus them selves are extremely cheap to buy of ebay ....thanks
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  1. What is the model of the Compaq?

    Going to a Pentium D 960 would probably yeld very similar performance, due to the C2D design being more efficent even at lower clock speeds.

    The jump to an E4300 is worth an extra 200Mhz and a Core 2 Duo, not a Pentium dual core so a llittle more performance bump there.

    Checkout http://xtreview.com/review169.htm
  2. i guess its not realli worth the upgrade then
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