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ASUS 550 ti running slightly hot at idle and load

Just received my Asus 550 ti 1GB a few days ago and have noticed slightly higher temperatures than others are stating. My idle temperature seems to range from 40-45C and when playing Diablo 3 on high temperatures range from 58-68C.
I am not sure if it could be my power supply that's causing this but please let me know what else I could look at or test because I feel both my ranges should be 10-25C lower. I have the fans set to auto but when temperatures rise the fan speed doesn't seem to change too much. Let me know if you need any other additional information as well. Thank's =)

Here's my setup:
ASRock 970 Extreme3
Antec earthwatts 380W
2x 120mm fans
1x 80mm fan
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  1. Those temps aren't too bad. The idle is a little high. Do you happen to have more than one monitor attached? Sometimes that can increase idle temps.

    The one you usually have to watch out for is load temp, and your load temps look fine.

    The default fan profile is usually very conservative. You can install a third party tool like MSI Afterburner to create your own custom fan profile
  2. Yes i have 2 monitors but they are very old 19inch 1280x1024 screens (trying to buy things slowly lol) so I didn't think this resolution would put too much stress on this card. But I am going to try downloading the program and giving it another shot. THANKS for the fast response!
  3. Sure. Adding another monitor raises your GPU idle temp by ~10C.

    Post back here what your temps are with the custom fan profile.
  4. Temperatures didn't really change after installing MSI after burner and having the fan settings to auto. It seems to keep it at about 30%. Do you recommend I raise it up to about 50%?
  5. Yea, that would be good to try,

    Also, you can go into the settings of afterburner and define your own fan curve that responds to temperature. For example, at 50C fan spins at 50%, 40 % at 40C or whatever you want. If you want less noise, you could go to 40% at 50C. It is very customizable
  6. Wow thanks for the info. You have been a lot of help! What would be the maximum temperature I should keep a watch for when gaming with this GPU? I am sure it has some sort of auto shutdown but just want to know a number to be aware.
  7. Ive had my 7970s running at over 90c when benchmarking. 68c is not hot at all, I wouldnt worry about it unless they creep up over 80c then start looking as to why
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    honestly, the temps you listed in the first post are fine. but if you end up overclocking, and need to watch your temps, 80-85C is a safe max during stress testing.

    You should be able to do that pretty easily with a fan profile though.
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