AMD FX 8150 or 8350?

What's best performance and quality wise?

There's not much of a price comparison between the two but I need to know what would be best with 2 HD 6850's in Crossfire and 8GB of RAM.
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  1. Any of those will not bottleneck the crossfire setup of 6850, that being said, the FX-8350 is better, it's from the piledriver architecture with an improvement in performance.
  2. Anyone want to add a decent answer?
  3. 'Decent' as in, not requiring you to read articles? Would it help to copy/paste relevant parts of the article?
  4. The piledriver architecture has improved the performance of the FX series by 10-15%. Also the clock speeds are higher on the FX 8350, so it's a pretty obvious decision.
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