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Ivy bridge upgrade, is it worth it?

I'm currently running an AMD Phenom II x4 965 oc'd to 3.9 ghz. With this overclock, I experience a very, very slight bottleneck on my gtx 670 ftw, but overall am quite pleased with my computer, as there are little to no games I can't max out. However, I'm tempted to save up and buy an i5 3570k to maximize performance. My question to you is, will the performance gain be worth the extra ~$350 (I'm not gonna skimp on a motherboard) and give me an appreciable fps boost in games like WoW, GW2, and BF3, or would I be better off spending that money elsewhere (new ssd, better heatsink, possibly a second gpu, etc.)?
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  1. If you have the money to spend why not? that cpu is bottlenecking the card, get the i5-3570k + z77 mobo, it will definitely boost the performance overall of the pc, it's worth.
  2. its really worth it because any further upgrades would be kind of wasted due to the cpu already bottlenecking your system , and trust me there is a huge boost of performance i went from a phenom ii x4 955 (gxz) to an i5 3450 and even that is a huge performance boost
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    I did this exact upgrade with that video card. Basically computer felt exactly the same, wasn't any more snappy etc. But - i did get a very solid FPS increase in games. Rift in particular over doubled.

    My phenom 2 x6 was at 3.8 GHz and my 3570K is at 4.4.

    Worth it - yes, especially when i don't think there is much more performance coming in the desktop space. Its all about mobile and power consumption now. Haswell will be 10-15% more than ivy now.
  4. Okay cool. I figured this was the case, just wanted a little reinforcement. As far as z77 mobo's go, I've been looking at the Gigabyte GA-Z77-UD5H or the Asus P8Z77-V LGA. At this price range of ~$180-200, which of these are better, or is there another board that is better than either?
  5. I should also mention that I want a board that overclocks very well, and would prefer to stick with my current blue color scheme, although it's not absolutely necessary.
  6. I like this one :

    There's also a good gigabyte :

    But if you want cheap mobos z77 but also as good as that ones, go with the asrock z77 extreme 4 or 6.
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