How Do I Crossfire 2 XFX Radeon 6950s on a Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard?

With the primary SATA port sticking directly out (stupid) Its gets in the way of slotting one GPU so they will end up being too far apart to bridge! And if i could somehow boot through BIOS to use another SATA slot for my HD to work, then either they will still be too far apart to bridge or the GPUs will be directly stacked on each other! I assume this will create a heat issue. Any suggestions?
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  1. The Crosshair IV Formula has outward facing sata ports. It is fine to have the GPU sit on top of the sata ports, that's why they point them out instead of up, so you can run cables underneath.

    It is fine to have the GPUs next to each other like that, Crossfire will be warmer than non, but it will be fine.

    Also, you should be able to boot from any of your sata ports
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