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Hd 7750 issue

so i got the asus 7750. installed on computer hp p610f. no issues. went through the calibration yada yada yada. desktop background is beautiful. videos are crisp. diablo 3 (after a huge hiccup in their installer) ls working fine. here's my issue. most of my comp menus (ctrl+alt+del screen, start menu, control panel menu, security suite window etc) as well as all internet screens in firefox have no color in the background. nearly zero color at all. i see black letters just fine, some blue lettering, but most of the format coloring is absent. makes it nearly impossible to navigate. i switch to safari and i don't have this issue (but i'm partial to firefox and i need to be able to nav my system menus). . any idea what the issue is? i've gone through all the calibrations again and cant seem to fix the issue. i was told the integrated graphics would automatically be turned off once the bios was switched to pciex. help!
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  1. If it looks good in other programs, it is probably a setting in Firefox rather than an issue with your card. I also have a HD7750 at home, and use Firefox, and have seen no oddities. Go to Tools, Options, Content, and check your Colors settings. I have all three checkboxes selected.
  2. that may correct the firefox issue (hopefully), but why are all of my system menus void of color as well?
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    Check your theme and/or color settings in Windows.
  4. pretty sure i did that too.. i'll recheck. may end up on the phone with asus or something :/
  5. for eff's sake. problem solved. super high contrast somehow got turned on. alt+left shift+print screen. cleared it up.
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  7. Great, glad it's working. And thanks.
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