Temperature overheating

My CPU is overheating, and its temperature approximately is 90C degree !! The motherboardttemperature is fine (22C)
I don't know what's the problem or why it happening!
But the CPU temperature has been normal until today..
Maybe it's because I installed my new SSD, HDD and cooler master HDD module device. But it's unlikely to be the problem..
After I finished installing the ssd and the HDD, I hit my computer case accidentally and the case fell down. "crash!" :(

So what do you thing is the problem? And what explain the increase of MY CPU TEMPERATURE??
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  1. system specs

    if it is intel then you have probably installed the heat sink properly.
  2. Hi :)

    When you dropped it, I would guess the cpu heatsink/fan got loosened...

    Re-cement it...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Take the CPU cooler off and mount it again. The crash probably just made the heatsink get loose so now its not fully attached. That should fix it.
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