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3770s ivy / gtx460 bottlenecking question

Hey guys, i'm about to get myself an i7 3770s ivy bridge, i currently have a gtx460 as my videocard. will this video card bottleneck my system? i know it doesnt really match up to the 3770s but if its not going to severly limit it, id like to hold off an upgrade as long as possible on the video card.

if it is bottlenecked, would you suggest a card thats a suitable match for the 3770s? or should i just grab another 460 and sli?

other system info:
sabertooth z77 mobo
6gig ram
64 gig raptor drive (wow i need to upgrade this... so old)
340 gig 7200rpm

thanks guys!
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  1. Well that GPU could be better.SLI is an option or you could just get a better single card if you can afford it. However depending on what you do with your computer you might not even have to upgrade at all
  2. that would be a nice idea to add another one. Your cpu can handle upto two biggest beast gtx 690s without any issue.
  3. im just gonna be gaming up a storm, no rendering or modeling of any sort. but are you guys in agreement that the single 460 wouldnt slow down the 3700s?
  4. Yes your system could befinit from having a faster GPU.No the GTX460 isn't a bottleneck but you are limited by how powerful it is.Which by today's standards is fading fast.

    In all honesty if you are just gaming then you don't really need a i7.Also the Ivy Bridge CPU's don't really offer than much of a gain over SB CPU's and they don't O.C. well.Go with a i5.It's just as good as a i7 when it comes to gaming.Save about $100 on the CPU and put it towards a better GPU.
  5. No graphics card will slow down a CPU. Ever.

    Though, is there any reason why you're picking up the i7-3770S? Regular one is same price but more powerful..
  6. yes, for gaming 460 sli is good but more better solution is that find a single best gpu like GTX 670 if you can afford it.
  7. purplestank: alrighty... i guess ill shop around for i5. which one would you recommend? i would like an ivy so i can stick with the times as new, more demanding games come out, and i lvoe the sabertooth z77. maybe with the money ill save ill be able to hit that 670 :D

    sunius: i read up on the difference between em, and theyre equially pwerful, the 3770s just has the ability to drop down to 3.1 ghz when its not under a big load. the 3770 will just idle at 3.4. so the s edition can be less power consuming
  8. i guess itll be a battle between the 3570 or 3570k, but do you guys think the k edition is worth the extra?
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    well, if you are overclocker then grab 3570k which could be unlocked, btw 3570k is the major solution for games and also good for future.
  10. if you have a z series mobo, it doesnt hurt to have the k option.
  11. sweet! thanks guys, you saved me a big wad o cash. or at least gave me the option to redirect it in a more beneficial way ;D
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  13. oh one last question,
    i got my first 460 like a year and a half ago.
    if i were to buy a 460 off newegg right now, i dont hwave to worry about sli compatability right? like i dont remember if mine was the superclocked edition or whatnot.
  14. Is your GTX460 the 192-bit or the 256-bit version? That's all you really need to make sure you get the same of.If you get a card that has higher clocks it will be downclocked to meet the speed of the slower card.You can just O.C. to meet the higher card if that is so.
  15. nwestes said:
    oh one last question,
    i got my first 460 like a year and a half ago.
    if i were to buy a 460 off newegg right now, i dont hwave to worry about sli compatability right? like i dont remember if mine was the superclocked edition or whatnot.

    YOu need to make sure you get the 1ggb card with the 256 bit memory interface if that is the one you have. There are 192 bit versions of the 1GB gtx 460's out there, so be careful there.

    EDIT : Stank beat me to it
  16. I will say if you SLI the 460, you will have a good performing system unless you are running higher than 1080p
  17. thanks for the heads up!
    deathengine: i looked into some comparison study stuffs and 460sli is actaully better than a 580! so i think thisll be a good thing to hold me over till the 700 series or something. as long as i have the 256 bit 460...
  18. Where did you find that at? A 6870 crossfire is only slightly better than a GTX580 and a 6870 is about 30% faster than a GTX460.Also the 6870 scales much better in crossfire.
  19. hey how can i find out what type of 460 i have? my comp is actually dead as a doornail right now, thats why im getting new cpu, so i cant check on my comp.
  20. Just take the GPU out.Their should be some marketing on it that says what it is.

    I don't think that's right.A GTX460 SLI is not faster than a 6870 crossfire.And at best a GTX460 SLI matches a GTX580.But anyway a GTX460 SLI is a very nice combo and I'm sure you'll be pleased.

    What kind of PSU do you have?
    ok i found my card, after some research. so its actually a 460 gts, and they dont really sell those anymore.... maybe i best just get a biggun...
  22. i have a 1000W psu, but for some reason it only has 3 4 pin connectors. i guess im just out of date in general. bollucks. i may want to upgrade psu too
  23. What make/model is your PSU?

    I think that's just EVGA's marketing for that model because Nvidia never made a GTS460,they made a GTS450 but not a 460.It looks to me like it's just the 192-bit 768mb version.So all you need to do is get another 192-bit 768mb version which are very common and should be easy to find.
  24. i actually cant find many, since they arent in production i think, they sell for more than cards that are actually better (i googled and found most for like 220$+, one on ebay for 130 but idk if i can buy it soon enough)
  25. I see 4 right here...

    They aren't the 768mb versions but they will work just fine.The extra VRAM just won't be used.All that matters is the clock speeds and the cuda cores.
  26. oh thanks, i was trying to find something exactly the same, but i guess i dont ahve to! :D
    yeh ill avhe to sleep on this for a lil while i think. its tantalizing to go for a pci 3.0 card. do you think that its a big enuogh boost with the new 3.0/ivy combo to justify dropping an extra 250$?
  27. Yes.Because your new card will be as fast as a GTX460 SLI.Then you have the option of adding another card later on to be even faster.The new cards are probably the best that have ever been on the market for a couple generations.I've never seen so many positives.The only negative is the price.
  28. just clarifying what youre saying: when i put a gtx 460 in alongside my gts 460, the thing will function just like gtx460 sli? or are you saying that puttnig in a single gtx 460 into a 3.0 slot wil effectivly amke it function at the power of 460 sli?
    and yah... thjese new cards are sick nasty
  29. You know what I think happened...I think someone at EVGA made a typo when they wrote that.Seeing as how the S and X button are so close together I wouldn't be surprised if that's what happened but they never fixed it.No one ever made a GTS460.Their are only 3 variants in the GTX460 sku;the 1GB 256-bit,1GB 192-bit and the 768mb 192-bit.Your card is the 1GB 192-bit version.

    Your asking 2 different questions.One is about SLI and the other is about PCI-E 3.0 bandwidth.

    Pretty much any of the GTX460's will worth together but it's easier and probably cheaper to go with the model that best represents yours.No sense in paying for a 256-bit model if it's just going to be downclocked to meet your card.And the same goes for the 768mb version but that will downclock your current card.

    You will see a slight improvement with a PCI-E 3.0 slot vs a 2.0 slot since your mobo only support x8/x8.PCI-E 3.0 doubles the bandwidth of 2.0 so it's really running at x16/x16.
  30. mmkay cool! i getcha now. well im glad ive got some good bearings on this project, thanks a bunch for your help!
  31. Glad I could be of service.
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