GTX 470 or GTX 560/ HD 6950

I found a guy selling a GTX 470 for $120. Now, my problem is, is this a good deal? Should I just add $50-90 more and get a GTX 560 or HD 6950?
I have a OCZ 600w ModXstream PSU.
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  1. I think is a good deal, negociate a few bucs :). i have the gtx 470 and is pretty good. and if u overclock the card, it will be over a gtx 560 ti. the psu is ok ( i have the gtx on a old therlmaltake 470w 75+) :).
  2. It's a great deal. It will be a considerable upgrade from your 6670 & at a great price too.
  3. Tell us about the rest of the configuration of your pc :)
  4. get the gtx 470 . only concern would be power consumption and heat
  5. yea, the power consumption is 215w, about the heat it's depend of the case, airflow, and what kind of model it is Asus, EVGA etc ?
  6. yea but your ocz 600w should be fine , ocz is a very reputable brand as i have the 750w fatal1ty series with a gtx 680(soon to be sli)
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