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Hi All,

i recently purchased a kuhler 920 and my top 200mm fan will not fit so ive swapped it for a 120mm (exhaust) ive got lying around. i have a 140mm on the side panel (intake). what i was thinking was modding the side panel so i could put the 200mm on the side panel and the 140mm where the 120mm is at the top, do you think its worth the effort?

current config,

200mm front intake
dual 120mm cpu water cooler rear exhaust
120mm top exhaust
140mm side intake

the cpu cooler should be blowing air out the case shouldnt it?


edit: forgot to add its a HAF 912 plus.
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  1. If you don't have any heat issues then no its not worth the effort. If you plan on getting something that going to generate more heat in the near future, like running xfire/sli, then go ahead.
  2. ok thanks for reply, what about OC i5 2500k to 4.5GHZ and overclocking gtx 570?
  3. I'd agree not worth modding the case for just one fan. Now for overclocking, is this related to the fan you were going to make room on the side panel? I'd say the CPU cooler itself plays a major role in the temperatures for overclocking the processor. In addition, if you already have good airflow (which I bet you do) then don't worry about the video card. I believe video cards can sustain hot temperatures during load without a problem.
  4. ok thanks for your comments i think ill leave the mod and just monitor the temps throughout, makes it a lot easier lol.
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