Does the nzxt phantom 410 come with additional fan screws?

I want to install these red led fans I got, but none of the screws that came with the case will work for the fans. Am I missing something? What type of screw typically works for most computer fans?
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  1. Sorry for the delay in a response, I was going to respond earlier but had to leave to do something....

    Anyways according to this review:

    You will have received several bags of screws. I assume the screws labelled as 6-32 would be the ones for an additional case fan. If you don't have that screw then you can find some online with the same size of 6-32. Or if you have it and it doesn't fit? If that doesn't fit then get a longer one, but judge based on how short the 6-32 screw is. Your local hardware store should have a wide variety of screws so give that a look as well.

    Edit: Give this link a look and select the fan dimensions of the case fan you are trying to install, it should list the compatible screws.
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