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Just a quick one. Was inside my PC today, accidentally bumped a hard drive on top of my graphics card and there was a small spark and now my graphics card doesn't appear to be working. Did it short out or have I actually destroyed it?

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  1. If it is shorted out, then it is probably broken. Was the machine on when you did this? Also, do you need it to use a screen? If not, plug the monitor into the motherboard, in the OS see if it recognizes the card. Try removing the card and re-seating it.
  2. Yeah it was on. Thanks for the advice, guess they are just really fragile.
    Reckon I will be able to get it repaired under warranty?
  3. Yeah, even a small discharge of electro-static energy from your hand while handling it can kill it. The warranty of the card depends on the manufacturer of it, or if it is a pre-build system (dell, etc.). The RMA process can be long and challenging, but if you are keen on keeping the card, then maybe waiting it out isn't such a bad idea. Sorry there isn't much I could do troubleshooting wise, but hope I helped anyway.
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