Major Windows 7 issue (PLEASE HELP)

Ok heres the problem.... I made all 3 of my home computers part of the same workgroup all 3 are running Windows 7. I attempted to add a network printer and also shared it however the only computer that will print is the one hard wired to the printer. I used to have the same printer hooked up to a PC running Windows XP and once I shared it + joined all computers to the same workgroup I could print no problems... So what am I doing wrong here? I thought it might be a firewall issue however I did disable them for testing purposes and STILL unable to even detect the printer on the other two computers..... :heink: The printer is a Brother 4xxx series

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  1. Sounds like permissions to me, this link will show you how to share a folder in W7 using permissions, what you need to is use the advanced printer share option and set the permissions similar.
  2. I dont think its a permission issue. The other computers cant even see the printer when you try to add a network printer :heink:
  3. cmon help me out people, my business depends on it
  4. I know my question could be lame, but do you see the printer appearing in the Device manager with yellow triangle requesting a driver upgrade.

    Can you ping the other two PC and check if all three PC's are in network?

    Just eliminating the issues
  5. I had the same problem.
    When installing the printer, add a local printer port and call it:


    After that it should create the printer.
  6. Also I created the new worktgroup on the main desktop which is hard wired to the printer, however even though the other two computers stated they joined the workgroup they cant seem to see each other......
  7. Well I solved the problem myself after a little research. All I had to do is create a Homegroup and join all computers
  8. Wow Amazing.
  9. Well not really amazing, On XP all you had to do was create a workgroup and share the printer with everyone on the same workgroup. Now you have to create a "homegroup" with a password, and add the printer as a network printer on all other devices + share that printer. Why Microsoft had to change the process is beyond me....... :pt1cable:
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