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Hi, I recently found the issue with one of my PCs to be the processor faulting. I was hoping someone could give me some insight to what may have possibly happened to it.

2500k 1.360v at 4.5hz stable with a temperature ranging on average 20c(idle)-52c(stress test).

It's lasted about a year now, but it's strange, temperature, voltage, heat all seemed within acceptable ranges.
Everything else component wise works fine, but the odd thing is the back of the processor is tainted a very light gray coating over 90% of the back as you can see in the images below?

So any idea on how this was possible? Surge in electricity? Bad processor? Pushed it to far?

May be a bit hard to see, indirect light you can't see it well.

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  1. Does it work? If it turns on and works than most likely it isn't burned out and I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Looks more like a corrosion of some kind, perhaps clean it with a solvent or metho or something
  3. Center bottom looks like it could be shorting a few pins.

    Top right looks like poor conductivity due to some sort of corrosion.
  4. I've seen a similar thing happen on two LGA755 processors, I manage to fix both of them, one of them I used a pencil eraser to clean the contacts and the other one needed a bit more abrasion so I used a fiberglass pencil lightly on the contacts until they were clean.
  5. Just tested with a cotton swab and purifying alcohol, no luck. It looks completely fine on the outside now though. :/
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