Building a hackintosh for hd video editing

my budget is $850 - $1000 do i need an intel core i7 2700k or i5 3570 do i require a high end nvidia gpu or will a AMD Raedon 7850 do
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    best you go to the mac site and see what builds they have on there pro lineup then build 1 to them specs. the reason for this is that hackintosh works best with known configs and you wont need hacked drivers called kexts. hackintosh is a pain when you dont have supported hardware... i tried and failed miserably as i had to remove half the hardware in my system just to get it to boot...

    infact its better not to even bother with it. just build a mac like system and get a legit copy of lion osx or similar.

    more often than not macs use ati gfx cards. the last time i looked (12months or so back) they used them exclusively so you will want to check and match yours to it.
    its a shame i know but macs are often a generation behind windows based builds. due to them using standardized secs for there pro builds.
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