Need help with GPU, please help!

Hello, I have had this computer for awhile and recently it started messnig up, as in the graphics card in games like counter strike, arma 2, diablo 3, dota 2, ect. It starts getting very fuzzy and lines of the graphics go all crazy, here's a pic to the temps and what happened, if I leave it on to much I will get BSOD akitpag or something like that, cant really remember, well please help me, nick.

The GPU is and ATI HD 4850.
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  1. I also forgot to mention I have 4GB's of ram, AMD P x4, sorry couldin't find an "edit post" button, I can be stupid some times, very sorry for double posting.
  2. As long as you aren't bumping the post intentionally, I think you are alright.

    Anyway, it could either be the temps getting too high, or the graphics card is on its last legs. The 4850 is pretty old.

    If the card is overclocked at all, I suggest lowering it to the stock clocks.
  3. The temps stay 1t 70c so it kinda confuses me, that's fine for playing a game like CS:GO right?

    The GPU isin't overclocked either, this one's is so annoying, and cant get anything entill christmas, pretty poor over here.
  4. Does the card do this in all other games? And maybe try to lower on the graphics settings to see if that helps. If you are on low settings, and this still happens, then we have a dying issue.
  5. The only other game is doesin't do it in is League of legends, I will try lowering the setting's now, will post results.


    I lowered the settings all the way and no diffrence, I forgot to mention that sometimes it works but that's when I restart the PC, then it stops working about 5-10 mins later.
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