Antec 302 140mm Top Fan stoped spinning

Was dusting off my case the other day, and noticed my 140mm top case fan isn't spinning anymore. When I power on my computer, it gets a little jolt and moves a tiny bit (not enough to even make it spin once), and dies. Any idea what caused this to happen?
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  1. How long has this fan run for? I believe fans have some sort of lifetime measured in hours which is an estimation given by the makers. Perhaps something to do with the bearing/motor. Either way try plugging it in another fan header and see if it turns on.
  2. That happens sometimes with my fans, what I've noticed is it isn't getting enough voltage. When you give it a little bit more power, it'll start up (This happened with my old case with a fan controller, the controller at lowest setting didn't give enough voltage, so it would spin tiny amounts and stop, increasing it allowed the fan to start.)
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