CPU runs 0.03GHz under max, and max is 0.01GHz over BIOS setting

I've had a FX-8320 for some time, did a bit of OCing @ 4.00GHz but have now returned it to default settings. When overclocking it to 4.00GHz, in Windows 8 x64 it'd always show as 4.01GHz while running at 3.98GHz, and now I'm running it at 3.5GHz (Windows reports 3.51GHz) and it runs at 3.48GHz.

This is really irritating behavior and I don't know why it does this. A few OS installs before, it would exhibit this behavior occasionally after settings changes, but I don't remember after what.

I have turbo, AMD Cool'n Quiet, C1E, C6, and HPC disabled.

There's also a setting called "Enhance Power Down" but it's undocumented and I can't find it online.

What causes the clockrate to do this?
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  1. Thats just how it is. Clockrate just isn't accurate to the same exact decimal. I have a 3.0GHz Pentium 4 - its really at like, 2.992GHz. It's not a big deal, its normal, don't let it get to you. You aren't losing any framerates or performance!
  2. Clock Variation causes this

    Say the FSB or Base clock is meant to be 200mhz, in reality the base clock could be anywhere from 195mhz to 205mhz, just an example
  3. Why does Windows report 0.03GHz under max then?
    There have been times where it runs at the max, which were both 3.50GHz.

    Bus Clock: 200.66 - 200.68
    Core Speed: 3511.56-3511.80

    I was think Windows should at least report the max speed correctly.
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