CM HAF 922 or Storm Enforce?

Hi guys,

I was just reading over this quarter's $2,000 build, and I noticed that they used the CM Storm Enforcer. I had originally looked at this case and then decided to try out the HAF 922. At the moment, my PC is still in the works, so it's not too late for me to switch. I'm simply asking your opinions on the two cases. I like the look of the Storm, however I'm worried that I'm losing one fan so I might lose some air flow.

Some information you'll want to know: I know that my build will fit in both cases : I have a 10.11' graphics card, an ATX mobo, 4 optical drives, and 2 hard drives. So that's not the issue. It's just, which one, of those two, would you buy? I had read some reviews that said that the Storm Enforcer's front fan was quite loud, which was an immediate turn-off for me; but after seeing this case appear in the System Builder article, I decided to give it a second look.

Ultimately, I know that both cases would work - so I'm quite simply asking your opinion. My friend has the HAF 922 and I really do like how it keeps everything cool with room to spare, but I like the looks of the Storm so long as I don't lose anything the HAF has.

Please help me decide!
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  1. Well I'll get this thread started since it's been an hour without anyone replying, hopefully more people will get involved.

    Anyways I believe 1 fan shouldn't make that much of a difference unless serves as a critical fan, such can be being the only dedicated exhaust fan. As long as you keep good airflow with positive pressure, no need to worry about if its cool enough.
  2. I like the 922 in terms of cooling and looks, but as socialfox said, those fans are optional, and more fans equals more dust.

    So with the 200 mm front fan in the Enforcer, and another 200 in the top is a lot of airflow. Besides you can remove the upper HDD cage to fit long GPU's and increasing the airflow of the intake fan directly to the Graphics card.
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