Best Laptop for 600$

Hi Guys!!
I am going to buy a laptop in this month! My requirements:

Good processor like Ci5 with 2.3ghz +
DDR3 ram 4 GB
Good webcam
good GPU. something like GT 540 or more ( I wont play a lot of games though! )
screen - 14' or 15'
Good battery life

I have Lenovo ideapad Y570 on my mind but its bit costly!
ANd, I can cut the GPU part If its Impossible to get it at 600$

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  1. probly better in the Laptops board, but I'll suggests the HP g7z-2100, which you can customize on their site.

    for $579 you can get it with an A8-4500M + HD 7670M, or with an A10-4600M alone, which will be great for gaming.

    for $629 you can have the A10 with HD 7670M.

    +10 from that gives you a 7200RPM 500 GB drive.

    Should be a great gaming laptop
  2. just remember that you will be playing at medium settings for most games
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