Hp 425 notebook does not turn on

I have an Hp 425 notebook. Recently, it was unable to power on at all. I did a hard reset and was successful. Unfortunately, after it was powered down and I tried to turn it on again it didn't work, so i did another hard reset and it did turn on. However, after that it no longer powers on at all, even after i did a hard reset. When I try to turn it on the power light blinks about 12 times in a yellow colour and then once in a white colour. What I find strange is that when the power cord is connected, the power button does not respond and no lights blink at all when I press the power button to turn it on. Can anyone give me any possible ways to fix this. Any help will be appreciated
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    I googled your problem and found this link; Error Codes
    Hope this helps.

    I had a HP laptop also, it was about 5 years old, that died. The motherboard fried. The hard drives were still good, so I took them out and put them in external enclosures and bought a new laptop.
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