My graphics card purchase,good/bad

I have just bought a PowerColor HD 7870 2GB GDDR5 Graphics Card and just noticed the GHZ symbol on the front,does this mean I have bought a sligtly lesser version than other 7870's or will the performance be the same.I bought this card because 7870's had very good reviews and this particular one was for sale at only £200 whilst others where going for between £20-£80 more on ebay. Have I still got a very good card and what are the main diffrences,ps I had a radeon HD5850 black edition previously that has been great so hoping this will be a big improvement especially for bf3.Thanks in advance guys much appreciated.
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  1. Thanks mate feel a bit better now lol on a budget so was a little worried not to waste money,plus the wife would kill me if i said i wanted another part haha
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