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Hi guys,

I'm looking to build a new gaming PC. Sadly, my Dell XPS M1530 notebook got rained on a while back and has tragically passed away. Since I'm a gamer, I'd like to get something decent (and an upgrade from my old system, because I've been missing out on a few games I'd like to finally get to play). The problem is that I have a rather small budget. Here's hoping you fellows can help out!

Approximate Purchase Date: within the next few weeks

Budget Range: 300-350 before shipping

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Internet, Movies, administrative

Are you buying a monitor: No.

Do you need to buy OS: Yes

Location: Netherlands

Additional Comments: As said, performance is not very important. As far as graphical performance goes, I looked into maybe getting an AMD A8-3850 because the integrated GPU makes for pretty good value, performance-wise I think that'd be pretty acceptable.
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  1. It's not possible sorry i could do you a build that would cost $500.00 with OS but not less than $350
  2. Im building one that costs 491$ with an os. I can find parts on amazon used really cheap. I'm using a pentium g630 with a gtx 550 ti. The ti cost 90$. The pentium 63$. This will run most games on high at 40 fps or so.
  3. 350 is way to low unless you go back a few steps in OS since windows 7 would take up about a 5th of that budget
  4. Ok heres what we do,

    or https://www.archlinux.org/download/

    A couple of decent linux distro's for you for free. OS taken care of, then http://pcpartpicker.com/parts/partlist/.

    Finally save up $130 for a second hard drive to put a copy of windows 7 on over the next couple of months.
  5. The only way you can get a 350$ machine. Before os is y getting one of the amd cards that has a decent gfx card built in.
  6. He means an APU.
  7. azeem40 said:
    He means an APU.

    Yeah thanks forgot what it was called. But I saw a video on YouTube showing an intel and amd route for a 350$ gaming pc. It's by razethew0rld, if you wanna look it up.
  8. Here's a website I found. Keep in mind you will have to buy some parts used and these are outdated parts but will still be better then console probably.
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