Is my fx 8350 cpu voltage too high ?

Hi, I was wondering is 1.392 volts too high for voltage on my cpu I've noticed voltage gets the hottest on my motherboard ? its clocked at 4.334 ghz.
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    Woah, do you have auto overvoltage on? If so, turn it off and manually set it. Doesn't need to be that high.
  2. I don't think so my sabertooth 990fx R2.0 motherboard has an option for performance mode which puts it at that clock speed.
  3. Don't do that - turn it off. Never use that junk, never any good. If you want more performance, overclock it yourself - thats always the best thing to do, never use the onboard auto-overclock.
  4. alright thanks I figured that much
  5. when i put thge cpu on factory settings even though i bulit it it said BOOTMGR missing right before it could boot up (could never boot up again) now i gighly doubt it had anything to do with that but I reinstalled windows 7 and it worked fine but It would not install my gpu drivers and i could not get internet and sata drivers and usb 3.0 drivers there was soimething wrong with install i dont understand what happened all i did was format my C drive then reinstall windows. AND my 1TB drive is not sensed. please help
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  7. Remove all other drives except for boot, set speed to stock, reinstall windows, and all the drivers then reconnect all other drives
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