I have real temp and i use the program often jus to monitor and i think its great. When i minimize it it goes on the bottom right next to the internet icon and shows the current temp with a number like 33 for example. When i right click it it gives all of these options such as maximizing it and other options. One of these options is "redraw icons" and i want to know what this does. I have pressed it and it seems like nothing happened. So if someone could tell me it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Can you link a printscreen of this red icon?
  2. sorry for crappy picture, if you zoom in you can see it
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    i actually looked at this before consulting here and i didnt understand the part where one of them talked about it... could someone just explain to me a simple meaning of what it does?
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  6. Redraw icons removes the temperature icons from the system tray and then redraws them. In Windows XP and Vista, sometimes the icons would get out of order so this feature would put them back in the correct order.

    Starting with Windows 7, there isn't any way to order the system tray icons that I know of so they appear in a random order. Redraw icons won't accomplish too much in Windows 7 or 8.

    RealTemp T|I Edition
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