How to run Dual Monitors on HD 5770

Thank you for checking out my post!

What i am looking to do is to run Dual Monitors with my HIS 5770 (One DVI Port, Package came with a DVI to VGA adapter)

Is it just as simple as GPU--> DVI to VGA Adapter--> VGA Splitter--> Monitors?

Note all that i want to do is to have my main screen have the task bar (Diablo 3) and the other screen to put something like iTunes or Firefox on.
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  1. A VGA splitter will simply duplicate the signal.

    To have different things on the different monitors, you will need to use two of the ports on your 5770.

    You say you only have one DVI? what are your other ports? HDMI? DP?

    You can use an HDMI to DVI cable, their signals are the same.
  2. Darn.. So looks like i'll have to get an HDMI to DVI then DVI to VGA adapters? lol...

    Looks like the ports i have are DVI, HDMI, and Native HDMI.

    One screen (The main screen) Supports VGA and DVI and the other is VGA only.

    Would i be able to run DVI to to main screen and then an HDMI to VGA cord to the other screen?

    Lol thank you for your response by the way.
  3. Well, if your DVI port is a DVI-I then you can put a DVI-VGA adapter and have your VGA monitor on that one, and an HDMI-DVI adapter and put your DVI monitor on that one.
  4. HDMI and DVI are the have the same video signal, so a cheap cable would work for DVI to HDMI. It would be easier to use your VGA monitor from the DVI out, with a VGA Adapter
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