Radeon hd 7470m review

Hello from England. 'm looking to buy a HP with a Radion HD 7470) graphic's card. If it is not sufficient to run some games can I upgrade to a higher performing card myself ?
Thank you. Rich.
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  1. thanks Recon,
    Would an XPS with a GT555 be ok on skyrim ?
  2. Hi Recon, doesn't look like I can get a secondhand laptop for £500 - £600 that will play skyrim :-(
  3. Aww.. thank you. Also, is it better to have a faster GPU than CPU ? If you know suitably matched CPU' and GPU's that would be good.
    I was thinking i7 CPU was important.
    Is there big differences between 1GB and 3GB GPU's ?
    I have to go in a min but back on here tomorrow night. :-)
  4. Hi Recon,
    Thanks for the link. So many options to look through and great prices. Do you buy from these guy's ?
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