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Intel core i7 3770k stock cooler running at 43 C at Idle

December 20, 2012 1:42:48 AM

Dear All,

I have recently built a gaming rig with specifications as follows

-Intel core i7 3770k 3.5ghz(no overclocking) with stock cooler

-Kingston 16GB RAM

-evga GTX 670 vanilla edition(No overclock no Sli)

-corsair gs 800 psu

-HAF 932 Advanced Mid Tower casing

So i cleaned out my rig with an electric blower since it was getting a bit dusty.After the maintainance when i turned my system on, i noticed fan was making weird churning noise.I had been thinking that my system might be overheating due to some damage caused by air blower.would i have possibly damaged my cpu fan or HAF casing fans? and also Is temperature of 43 C is normal for a processor under idle state??, idle mode fan speed was around 1008 RPM,is that normal? or i need to use a custom cooler for the CPU and is HAF 932 good enough for single stock clocked GTX 670 vanilla?i only game on a single monitor at 1080p so i wont be using sLi.Is my cooling solution sufficient enough for my current Rig.Please help!