Crossfire XFX 6870's performance.

My system setup is as follows,
MSI 870a-G52
Phenom X4 955 at 3.8ghz per core.
12 gig Gskill DDR3 PC# 10700
2 6870's 1gig running in crossfire X16 X4
64 gig Crucial Sata 3gbs SSD
500 gig 7200 rpm drive
Latest Catalyst drivers

I purchased the cards in march looking for an upgrade to the Geforce 460 I was running and when I got them I thought they were much faster And they are. But the more I play the more I noticed the micro stutter. I am very sensitive to frame rate changes and today I just got tired of it and disabled crossfire. Instantly all the games I tested Skyrim, D3, and other were silky smooth. Im asking here in case someone know some way to improve the performance of the cards crossfired. I didnt even notice a performance hit other than the stuttering was gone but I hate to have dropped all that money on a wasted card, if i had know it would do that I would have went with a higher end single card instead of getting two mid range cards. Just curious anyhow if there was something I could do about it or just remove the extra card and lose the heat. . .
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  1. Hmm... Well your system isn't bottlenecked by the crossfire setup, 3.8ghz X4 Phenom and 12GB of ram should be just fine with 2 6870's....What is your PSU?? It could have something to do with your system not getting enough juice.
  2. I would think the PSU im using would be sufficient. Rosewill 850W
  3. what drivers are you using..I'd suggest 11-4 and 11-4 cap2 ..Disable windows aero ..And try a 3rd party program like sapphire trixx to disable ulps..
    I have 2 6850's in x-fire and 11-4 is the best driver for microstutter..If your using the newest 12-4 that's the reason it's better with 1 card..No idea what they did but it killed x-fire for these cards..
  4. I wondered if x16 x4 was my problem but the manual says that all the second pcix slot supports . . . I guess without a new mobo im kinda screwed
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