Hd 6770 oc

Just wondering
Can you help me unlock my core voltage in msi afterburner no matter what I do it won't move (yes I enabled it in the setting) I have the sapphire version with better cooling and a lower default clock
I have mine stable at 925 mhz core
And 1300 mhz ram
But I want it higher and the only way to do it is to flash the bios which I did and then the card didn't work
Lockley I did a backup of the bios so I restored it
I tried deferent bios images, never worked do you think you can help me?
System specs:
Psu: antec neo eco 620 w (over kill)
Cpu: e5200 @ 3.75 (I plan to upgrade soon)
Ram: 4 gb ddr 2 800 mhz
Case (not that it maters) antec 100 with 5 fans 2 led
And I game on 2560x1024
In some games I only use one screen at 1280x1024
And I replaced the thermal paste on the graphics card with arctic mx 4 it works much better 10-13 lower temps at load
Thank you for the help.
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    i had a HIS 6770 and it never unlocked for me, nor does my HD 6870, and different bios images won't work because sapphires non reference design is different than every other design thus creating incompatibility
  2. ok thank you
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