I just got the HAF-X. Did I choose wrong?

Hey all. I just bought the HAF-X yesterday after finally deciding to get it over the NZXT Phantom. Did I screw up in making my choice? I will have two air cooled GPU's with non-reference coolers and one CPU which will be cooled with the XSPC Raystorm RS240. I liked the looks of the Phantom much more, but thought that the HAF-X was better because is had more space and seemed more future-proof since I may end up WC'ing the GPU's, or whatever GPU I have when the time comes, but that would not be for at least a year, probably two. I may still have time to cancel my order if I'm lucky, so please help me here!
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  1. No the HAF X is a great case and you can customize it a lot

  2. Its all a matter of preference. Do you want? Then get it.

    In my opinion, Both cases are great! I like the HAF's black interior and space. I also like the Phantom's white plastic and fans. It's all your choice.

  3. Ok thanks for the help. I guess I just ordered the HAF-X, read a few good reviews of the Phantom and panicked a bit. All good now. And heck, the HAF is still one of the best cases out there and if I don't like something about it, I can always take that into consideration in my next build.

    EDIT: BTW, what monitor is that in the background of your first pic? I really like the stand.
  4. Haf X is a good casing, With much air flow and you can customized it with many2 things. I myself are using HAF 932 and i love it every minute of it as i can do so many thing with that casing.
  5. I run 2 6950 2GB cards that at under load goes no higher then 72c and 74c. I wanted a bigger window and the side fan really didn't move much air so worked out great. HAF X has a great quality build
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