Need a graphic card for a Compaq presario-sr

Hello,I need to replace my mother in laws graphic card for her Compaq Presario-SR5700 FQ625AA
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  1. What is she doing that she needs a graphics card? Is she a gamer, video editor, what?
  2. You need to replace your mother in law or the graphic card?

    If its the computer i can help, but it be better for what purpose do you need? and what power supply u have or are you also willing to change that too?

    option 1 in case u only need to replace the video just because the onboard stopped working:

    option 2 video games no power supply

    option 3 vieo games and power supply



    just fitted a power supply that can handle all three toghether but like i said, it would be nice to say what purpose on the video card and your settings
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