HD 6870 waterblock question

hi, so i've been looking for a waterblock for my AMD radeon HD 6870 soc (gigabyte non reference)... so i stumbled onto EK's website (only moments after seeing a post on the forum about em)... so i went through there system configurator, and they spat out a long list of universal blocks i can use... but on all of those blocks it tells me i have to arrange passive cooling for my ram, so i have 2 questions

1.is it worth it to get one of these universal blocks (and yes i know its overkill, i mean, even though im going to have to passive cool the ram)

2.how would i go about getting passive coolers for the ram

or should i keep searching for a proper block (which i dont expect to find)
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  1. found passive ram cooling

    also built a system on koolance's site, came to $220 lol...
  2. ok, so i dug around some more, and im gonna do it proper when i get the money, not cut many corners

    so i've awnsered my question for now
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