Components HELP!!

I have just built my first system compromising of

mobo- asrock aliveNF6G-VSTA

cpu- amd thenom quad core black edd

psu- axle typhoon 115-230v 700w

ram- geil blackmagic ddr2 1gb pc2 6400 x2

cpu cooler- Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 Pro CPU Cooler

hdd- seagate 80gb for os and 300gb for save data

I am now looking in to graphics cards and would appreciate some help with the best way forward and also would like to over-clock my cpu also but just want to learn as much as i can before i try it myself and also would like addvice as to whether my cpu cooler is ok for over-clocking thanks for reading folks :wahoo:
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  1. Where are you planning to buy these parts from?
  2. Make sure your Phenom x4 is on the supported CPU list. You may need a bios update.
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