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Monitor goes to sleep

i boot my computer windows xp it boots up normally goes to the bar loading screen then after the monitor goes to sleep... any ideas why? it wasnt having this problem before... also side note an hour prior i had tried hooking it up to my hdtv but there was no signal so i plugged my monitor in to change the settings within the nvidia graphics settings but i couldnt reach that far because the monitor falls alseep after windows xp loading screen
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    It sounds like your graphics driver isn't loading correctly. Boot into safe mode:

    Next, uninstall your graphics driver:

    Reboot and then redownload the driver from your computer (or graphics card, if you built the computer yourself) manufacturer's website and reinstall it. You should hopefully be good to go.
  2. going to give it a try... ok so safemode worked...
  3. that worked thank you very much! hopefully i can connect to my hdtv now? ><
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  5. It's certainly worth a shot! You now know how to fix it if you have this issue again!
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