Upgrading Video Card in Win64 PC SAPPHIRE HD 6770 1GB GDDR5?

Hi, My PC is about two years old. I want to upgrade the Sapphire HD5670 1GB DDR5 video card I installed about eighteen months ago. I'm also upgrading the PSU but that'll be handled in the PSU forum.

I like Sapphire Radeon cards but I'm really not up on the latest and greatest.
This upgrade is somewhat challenging because the interior length of the card is limited to 8"
which led me to the SAPPHIRE HD 6770 1GB GDDR5 which appears to be shorter than 8" and
it's clearly faster then my Sapphire 1GB HD5670.

Is the sapphire 6770 oneGB DDR5 about the fastest quietest most stable 8" card out there?

The most graphics intensive application I run right now is probably RealFlight flight simulator.

current upgrade plans:
PSU to 450watt
faster ram
sapphire 6770 1GB DDR5 video card

ZT Sysytems 7391Mi
Intel i7 Processor 870 (2.93GHz)
Intel MicroATX DH55TC motherboard
sata II 1.5TB HDD
ati radeon 5670 1gb video card
Win7 premium 64bit
350watt (400watts peak) Delta PSU

Windows 7 64bit Home Edition

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  1. I'm currently using a Samsung Syncmaster 24" LCD monitor at 1900x1200 resolution
    Also I just found this Sapphire Vapor-X which looks good for my uses:
    Sapphire Radeon HD6770 Vapor-X 1 GB DDR5 2DVI/ HDMI/ DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card 100328VXL
  2. if you can afford the vapor-x version, then it should be one of the most effecient cooling systems, albeit it usually costs more.
  3. The Vapor-X sell for around $129.00 at Amazon. As soon as i can find I PSU I'm going to buy the VAPOR-X. I read someplace it measures 7.9"
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