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I know intel is almost always better than amd for gaming. how big of a difference is the i5 3570k vs fx 8350?. what if next gen gaming will require more cores. like now im pretty sure u need 4 cores to run a game now. but cant they just deside to make a game suddenly need 5 or 6 for whatever reason? wouldnt amd be ahead of intel? or is the 8 core cpu really 4 core and 4 virtual core thats something i recently heard?
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  1. Here is a chart showing where the cpu's stack up: As you can see the 8350 is the best AMD has to offer. If you are gaming go with one of the Intel cpu's you cannot go wrong and your performance in games will show it,3106-5.html
  2. andrewcarr said:

    Yeah, in those comparisons, the FX-8350 is put up against Intel CPU's that, except for one, all cost more. Let's compare newegg prices shall we?

    AMD FX-8350 - $200
    Intel i5-2550K - $243
    Intel i5-3470 - $190
    Intel i5-3570K - $210
    Intel i7-3770K - $325

    Now it's true that the i5-3570K is the best gaming chip of the bunch, but in almost everything else including video encoding and file compression/extraction, it loses badly to the FX-8350. The FX-8350 is still more than enough for perfectly smooth gaming at max settings so I'd still take the FX-8350. Oh wait, I already did! LOL
  3. go for FX 8350....Intel are good for single-threaded performance.....
    FX8350 offers more bang for buck.The mext gen games have already started utilising 8 cores...BF4 and Watchdogs are your examples!!
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