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Anyone have suggestions for some good 2x8 16 gb ram?
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  1. What speeds are you looking for? Are you planning to overclock?
  2. I'm guessing you need DDR3-1600? I will also assume it's for a new intel build?
    Try this:
  3. Yeah Intel build Im not sure about overclocking yet and DDR3 1600 Is what I was looking for
  4. What processor are you working with?
  5. jackattack923 said:
    What processor are you working with?

    i5 3570k
  6. Is this just for gaming? If so, I'd recommend 8GB, but if you want, get 16GB.
  7. obsama1 said:
    Is this just for gaming? If so, I'd recommend 8GB, but if you want, get 16GB.

    Yeah I mean it doesn't matter that much to me the price differences are like 30 dollars but yeah doesn't really matter just looking for a good brand
  8. I'd recommend the following brands:


    Do not get Kingston. Ivy Bridge can handle RAM voltages until 1.5v. Kingston RAM is 1.65v and will damage your CPU.
  9. Get the G.Skill Ares 1600 MHz 2x4gb kit.
  10. Can the i5 3570k support any CAS latency ram like 9 or 10
  11. CAS 10 is a bit high. CAS 9 is good. I think both will work, but I'd recommend 9.
  12. Because you can oc the CPU multiplier independently, RAM is not quite an issue as it was in the past.

    When you OC moderately, you will usually just keep your Clock at a flat 100 (and running the RAM at it's rated XMP profile).
    And then achieve your overclock pretty much just by increasing CPU multiplier.

    Don't overpay to get exotic ram, but do get the best RAM that costs about the same price, or with minimal added cost.

    Usually this is 1600 and CAS9-9-9-24 as recommended above.

    If you have no preference in colors, the other things to check are:
    -can use one of the certified RAM models as listed by your mobo
    -make sure it fits with your cooler
  13. jackattack923 said:

    Don't get ram with those silly, and certainly not needed, heatsinks.
  14. Yes. Their only benefit is that they look cool, but they can cause trouble.
  15. darkcam17 said:
    i5 3570k $94.99 FREE SHIPPING
    G.SKILL Ares Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-1600C10D-16GAO
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