Graphics card recommendation

Hey guys, I have a question.
My pc confg is
Core i3 3.06 GHz dh55pj mother board
A 19 inch hundayi monitor
6gb ram

What graphics card would you recommend me? I want to play games like
Max payne 3, crysis and other high end games. Thanks
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  1. power supply 12v rail amperage and # of 6/6+2 pins?
  2. What's your power supply exactly?
    What's your budget?
  3. 500 watt. i will upgrade it, if necessary! :o
  4. asiful42 said:
    500 watt. i will upgrade it, if necessary! :o

    make, model??? If you want help, we need more info. How much are you willing to spend?
  5. Try a Radeon 7850. As long as the PSU is trustworthy, you will have no problem.
  6. Delta 500 WATT Genuine PSU With two 6 Pin
    i am not sure about the budget. but not more than $250 to $280
    do you need anything else?
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    first a good psu if you don't have one already. recommendations:
    corsair cx 500 v2
    antec neo eco 520
    seasonic s12ii 520
    then, gfx card.
    for low budget ($100-140~),
    radeon hd 7750 1 gb gddr5
    radeon hd 6770 1 gb gddr5
    radeon hd 7770 and 6850.
    mid range budget ($170~),
    radeon hd 6870 1 gb
    higher end budget ($250-300~)
    radeon hd 7850 2gb, radeon hd 7870 2gb,
    even higher - nvidia geforce gtx 670 2gb.
    higher end cards can play demanding games like bf3, metro 2033 on higher settings than lower end cards. for your 19" display which i assume has max 1440x900 resolution, a radeon 6870 should give plenty of performance for price while a gtx 670 should be able to run two 19" on max settings i.e. overkill and probably way over budget.
    asus, msi, gigabyte make good gfx cards based on both amd and nvidia gpus. asus direct cu ii cards, msi's twin frozr ii, iii, hawk, lightning, cyclone cards, gigabyte windforce cards have good gpu coolers and good performance.
    sapphire, his and xfx build cards based on amd gpus. sapphire's dual x, vapor x, toxic cards, his' iceq, iceqx cards, xfx's double d cards have good coolers and performance.
    evga builds gfx cards on nvidia gpus. their cards have good performance.
    other factors to look out for are, aftersales services like warranty, rma, bundled extras etc.
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  9. Thanks a lot, roy
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