AMD vs Intel.. Again!

So i have this problem... i was debating between AMD and Intel for my cpu... and i asked questions on here and most went for the intel of course... but the phenom ii x4 965 was cheaper and i just wanted my computer quick to play games.. and now im stuck with a Amd cpu and a mobo... and i cant get my money back because newegg doesnt accept CPUs back... and i can take my mobo back but it will be a pain in the butt i gotta pay shipping pay the 15% restocking thing or something... so idk if its worth it. i have put them on craigslist maybe someone will buy them? and i dont just ebay.. they have never been used either... ha.. so money is tight so should i just stick to my phenom ii x4 965 and OC it a little then get a radeon 6950 2GB for gaming?? or should i try really hard to sell it and get the intel i5 3570k? money is tight and the only way i can get it is if i sell those 2 for around $160 ( not separately together) so should i just use it?? i wanna be playing games like arma 2 (dayz) and i wanna max it out.. but idk if my phenom ii x4 will do that.. will the i5 3570k have a huge performance boost or what? should i wait and try and sell it... or just keep it and use it?? thanks alot!!
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  1. I just upgraded from a phenom X6 @ 3.4 Ghz to a i7 2600k @4Ghz. (both are using two GTX 560's in SLI)

    The grass is indeed greener on the intel side of the fence, but the money that I had to spend for the upgrade was greener still.

    The new rig puts up better numbers in benchmarks but Crysis 2 plays the same as my AMD rig did. Ditto for deus ex. I can't get quick-sync to work yet with the lucid so my render times are only slightly better with PD9. (I will try connecting directly to the iGPU at some point and test, but even if that works, it's a PITA to do every time I want to render)

    I'm sure there are some games that show improvement's, but the ones that are "optimized" will probably depend on your GPU far more than your CPU.

    After my experience, I won't recommend ditching good AMD rigs for Intel.

    For a new purchase, where the budget allows, yes Intel is better. But not worth the extra money on top of what you already spent for a decent AMD rig.
  2. Your CPU should be fine. I've been playing BF3, Crysis, GW2, Diablo 3, etc with mine, and it's been fine.
  3. Let's be totally clear here. You bought the parts less than a month ago according to your other thread. You got good advice but now you have changed your mind.

    The title of this post looks like a troll to me. You are hoping to start an old argument over.
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