Need help with AMD Build

Hello. I am working now on my PC build, so here is where I came:

I am really on low budget, so that is it.
HIS PCI-E 1Gb Radeon HD6850 Fan
Spire SP-6003B Savit 6003 FullTower
AMD FX-4100 X4 Black Edition BOX
Biostar A960A3+, Socket AM3+/AM3

The problem: I live in a very hot region. Temps outside summer are like 32-35-38 celsium.
And here come the question, can an AMD FX handle these temps with the box cooler? In my room I have like 29-30. As I said, I can't afford a 50+ bucks cooler.
Why I ask this? Because now I have an old Athlon X2 5000+ and with the box cooler it get's like 80+ while playing anything more complicated than supermario. On idle - 50.

I know I can get a i3-2120 for the price of FX-4100, but I do really think I'll need these 4 cores in the future. And is i3-2120 much (and I really mean much) colder than fx-4100?
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  1. If you are not going to overvolt your processor, then it'll be fine.
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