Inserted sd card in pc now what

Inserted sd card in slot on pc and nothing comes up on screen, so I'm lost. Not too good with computers yet, so I don't know what I'm supposed to do . I have pictures and video on the card together,and wanted to put them on a dvd. I don't know if you can put both on one dvd, or the pictures on one and the video on the another one or what. Thanks for your help.
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  1. Hello michael522;

    From your Start Menu, click on the Computer option on the right column.
    That should open a File Manager window and show you your drive options.
    Are you seeing anything besides the DVD drive in the Devices With Removable Storage section?

    What other device were you using the SD card in?
  2. Normally, when you add a USB thumb drive or SD card in the card reader Windows will open an Autoplay window and ask you what you want to do with that new device.

    On your list of devices - the card reader slots show up as Removable Disk (and a drive letter) When you have a storage device plugged in that will change the label for 'Removable Disk' but the drive letter will stay the same.
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