Changing PSU and GPU at the same time. Need help.

PSU going from -- TurboLink ATX-TL 500W-BK 12V --to-- Corsair Builder Series CX600 600 watt 80 Plus --

GPU going from -- Nvidia GeForce 520 1gb --to-- Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 2GB --

Its all in a Thermaltake Commander Mid-Tower Gaming Case with a Gigabyte M68MT-S2 AM3+ motherboard.

Wondering what kind of hassle I am going to go through getting it all put in that case and set up. Also can anyone give me a printable set of instructions? Like 1. Preparation -- Uninstall drivers <control panel > remove programs etc> 2. Removal -- Unplug everything and take out PSU first<?> What kind of performance increase am I going to see in games like D3 and LoL and SoSE? Sorry if some of this doesn't make sense or if I am asking too much. Kind of new to all of this and if I did it myself, I'd think I have it set up right, press power button, and my computer fry.
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  1. I only have part two of how to build a PC so you can look around at the other videos and you shoulc be able to build it your self with out any problems in fact it is very easy and it should take about 3 to 4 hours tops.

    So when you get eveything in place then come back and get the other help you are looking for. But first just get it built then worry about the other stuff. Good luck to you and happy building it is fun.
  2. Ok my bad and sorry I guess I was in a hurry and miss read it. If your case is empty and you have to transfer everything from your old PC with the new upgrades to your new case.

    Then it is sorta like a new build just using old parts. There is nothing to tranfering your new PSU just remember what most of the wires go from your old PSU. You can not plug something in the wrong place.

    The only thing different is from your PSU you will have to use the connectors from your new PSU. Either a 6 and a 4 pin or two 6 pin what ever your card requires. But all the other cables will plug in the same parts as your old one did.

    You don't have to undo your CPU because you are moving your MOBO to the new case. All you have to do is get some masking tape and find the same wire from the old PSU and tape the new wire and write on it where it goes.

    With all of your hardwear like your hard drive. Leave the cable that goes from your harddrive connected to the MOBO. unplug it from the harddrive but put tape on it stating that this is the hard drive.

    The other one from the harddrive goes to the PSU and all the other stuff leave all the wires connected to the MOBO and mark and tape them. The fan's for your new case you will need to pull out your MOBO user manual.

    That way you will know where to plug in the fans. But right now just worry about the transfer and marking all the cables and where they go. Then get eveything put into your new case.

    When you get that done then come back and let us know that you are ready to fire it up. You don't need to do any uninstalling of anything at this time. When you are ready to boot then we will address that problem.

    So get started and it is late here so I will be back tomorrow around this time but sooner and good luck to you I hope this helps a little.
  3. Change the graphics card first and get comfortable with working inside the computer. Its incredibly simple. You shouldn't have to uninstall anything. Just turn off the computer, unhook the cables (display at least), open the case, unplug anything connected to the card, there maybe a latch that releases the card, remove the screw holding the card in the slot and pull it free. Then put the new card in the same place, hook everything back up and turn it on. You will come up in low resolution...Windows will probably recognize the card and install a built-in ATI driver and you'll just have to play with resolution. About the worst that can happen is the card isn't fully set (in which you'll get a black screen, just turn it off and push the card in harder). Computer parts are generally tougher than people think. Don't work on carpet and try to ground yourself by touching the case or the PSU, though if you aren't on carpet I've never seen a problem with static electricity.

    Your current 500w PSU is more than enough for your new card, so you can test the card with the existing supply. This is perhaps the best advice I can give you: if possible, change one thing at a time and make sure everything is still working. If something does not work, if possible revert to the original and see if things still work.

    Changing the power supply is likely to be slightly more challenging, but not because of anything particularly technical, it is simply a pain to get all the wires arranged. I don't know what the TurboLink looks like, so I can't tell you for sure if you can use the same cables. Take a picture inside the case and keep it around in case you can't remember what connects to what.

    Hmmm....just saw part of your thread on another message board. You probably didn't need to upgrade your PSU just because of the 6-pin on the new card. You probably just need a pci-e cable to run. Any decent computer store can get you one for a few bucks.
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