3 monitors on one GeForce GTX 570 HD


This is the graphics card I currently have. I'm running 2 Acer 23" LED monitors on it through the DVI ports, and I'm wondering if I could add a 3rd monitor though the HDMI port. I'm not looking for the nVidia Surround, just to have 3 separate monitors off one graphics card. Can it be done?
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  1. Nope. Only 2 displays per Nvidia GPU. For 3, you need AMD/ATI with Eyefinity support. Or, a second Nvidia GPU to go with the first one.
  2. The 600 series supports 4 so that isnt entirely accurate whereas the 7000 series supports 3.
  3. What about running a monitor off of my mobo, while still maintaining the two off the graphics card?
  4. Depends on the mobo. What make and model are you using?
  5. I don't see any video ports (VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, or HDMI) on this mobo:


    Adding another Nvidia or swapping to an ATI/AMD GPU are your only viable options here.
  6. Bugger. Well, at least now I know what I need to do to get a 3rd monitor.
  7. Good luck! HOOAH!!!
  8. I've got the same graphics card but a gigabyte z77-UD3H mobo which does support graphics and am trying to display 3 monitors too. I'm running 2 through the nvidia, and trying to run one through the mobo but no luck so far. I went into BIOS and switched the onboard graphics enabling setting from auto to enabled, but that didn't do it. Any thoughts?
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