Blue screen + installation problems+time changes

Hi there,

I just build my game PC, but what a disappointment , faced a lot of problems:
1- random blue screen (some thing about dumping physical memory).
2- when installing games a lot of files failed to copy.
3- the time keeps changing randomly.

the parts are:

M.B.: gigabyte x79-ud5
CPU: i7-3820
HD : WD 1 TB Black .
ssd : OCZ vertex 3 120 GB.
PS : coolermaster silent pro 850 Watt.
RAM: corsair 1600HZ 16GB vengeance.

sorry for the long post , and thank you very much guys.
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  1. any idea guys???
  2. 1: You need to see what the actual error is. Every blue screen will dump the physical memory so that isn't helpful.
    2: Sounds like a problem with the hard drive.
    3: Sounds like a problem with the mobo battery.
  3. i tried unplugging my HD ,still the same problem
  4. hi ,

    i also tried "memtest64" the bootable version and the Windows one .
    the bootable one give me 1 error and 4 passes.
    and the Windows one did not stop giving me errors.

    i am not sure if 1 error indicates that i have a RAM problem?
    and i am assuming that the windows version may give errors cause there is a lot of programs that uses the RAM as will.

    any idea ?
    and thanks a lot
  5. i did run memtest 64 the bootable one for each memory stick separately all pass with at least 5 times.

    still having problems,
    any idea??
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